This mental health unit is one of a number operated by the St Andrew Healthcare Trust. With regard to patient care, a number of safety operational demands had to be addressed in the accommodation and day areas. Key elements were security of fixtures and utilities such as water, lighting and power.


The ECO-Logic anti-ligature fittings installed are

safe and easy-to-use, and at an operational level, the whole system is simple to control, monitor and maintain via the new ECO-Logic Modular Controllers and BMS Systems. The project consisted of five accommodation blocks, controlled separately, but with the ability to be monitored at a central point.


The new ECO-Logic MC12 Modular Controller provides multi-outlet, multi-function control.  It was chosen due to its unique flexibility, allowing full en-suite bathroom control and an interactive facility management system specific to the clients needs.


This project combined the existing ECO-Logic range of electronic sensors and brassware with the new advanced modular controller package.


ECO-Logic Modular Controller

The new technology enabled ECO-Logic to deliver a bespoke control system that could meet both the client and management brief for full facility management within the ensuite accommodation, bathrooms and toilets:

·          Complete en-suite bathroom control with lockout facilities

·          A separate multi-power switch box/distribution board, complete with relays transformers to convert mains power to safe 6vDC and provide battery backup if mains power failed.

·          Lockouts for the lighting and power circuits in each room.

·          Chlorination facility for pipework.

·          User operated electronic temperature controlled showers and baths.

The ECO MC12 Modular Controllers were also used in the separate bathrooms, toilets and  patient rooms; and combined with Infra Sense controls for the kitchen sinks.


Digital Electronic Temperature Control for Showers and Bathfilling

The new ECO Super-9 Shower and Superior-8 Bath Controllers were specified to provide thermostatically controlled water delivery. The users can increase or decrease the temperature upto a fixed safe maximum by Touch Sensors that are held securely on screwless plates and secured from rear access ducts.  LCD temperature displays are an optional feature.  The controller offers users a range of safe shower and bathfill temperatures, with anti-ligature reassurance provided by the ECO VPS11-AL shower head and ECO VPB14-AL bath outlet.



ECO-Logic Plumbing Panels

ECO Plumbing Panels, a key feature of recent projects, consist of a pre-connected panel containing a thermostatic mixing valve with digital temperature sensing, solenoid valves, isolation and flow regulators. Combined with a facility to mount electronic connectors to a motorised TMV and solenoid valves, the panel can also be fitted with connections for an electronic bath waste if required.


For this project the plumbing panels were fitted into service ducts behind the showers and baths providing simple connection and reduced installation costs. For the future, this panel layout has ensured easier maintenance with easy access points..


WC Flush Controls and ECO Pipetanks

The flushing systems used ECO Pipetanks which were concealed neatly into service ducts. ECO Pipetanks fit vertically and allow other pipe supplies to pass easily.  They are supplied pre-fitted with inlet and overflow connectors, and float valves. The ECO 35P 1 ¼” WC Flush Valve is a recent addition to the range and features a flow regulator facility which is ideal for ECO Electronic Flushing Systems.


Secure Sanitaryware

The project specified ECO-Logic Secure Sanitaryware with anti-ligature features and fittings.  The basins were provided with cut-outs to house the ECO-Logic sensor control plates and vandal-resistant, anti-ligature outlets.  All the items in the sanitaryware range were securely bolted to supporting walls and panels from the duct space.  The polymer material used is extremely tough, as well as fire retardant, stain resistant and easy-to-clean


ECO BMS Computer Networks

ECO-Logic BMS Systems were specified for sanitaryware, power and lighting using Ethernet and Canbus networks. A computer was installed at each Nurse Station (8No), with a hub and specialist software all written and provided by ECO-Logic Software Engineers. The Nurse Stations are linked to the Canbus and MC12 Modular Controllers in each Patient Ensuite providing comprehensive remote control for shower temperature, WC flushing, basin and shower run times, room lockouts for water, lighting and power, timed lockout reset and a chlorination facility.


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