Wheatfield Prison is one of a series of prisons being built by the Irish Government. A key element in the design brief has been that the services should deliver comprehensive water and energy savings, whilst ensuring full compliance with Health and Safety for inmates and staff.


ECO-Logic UK has been able to satisfy this brief with the installation of their advanced electronic control systems alongside their secure anti-ligature brassware and sanitaryware.


For Wheatfield, the Prison Service selected the new MC12M Modular Controller, to control the lighting and water within each cell and linked to an ECO BMS System using an Ethernet Canbus Network.


This bespoke controller range can reflect exactly the client/managements need for maximum energy and water efficiency.


ECO-Logic MC12M Modular Controllers at Wheatfield Prison delivered:

·          Dual and single cell Controllers

·          Water and water temperature control

·          Low energy lighting control

·          An integral power switch distribution board on each Controller

·          Computer links from each Controller to ECO-Logic Building Management Systems

·          Management links to a central hub for monitoring, adjustment & maintenance

·          Secure TV and light controls in specialist cells


ECO-Logic lighting controls at Wheatfield used ‘One Touch’ sensors held within secure metal plates.  One plate design allows Full Light, Dimmed Light and Off, with LED’s to indentify the options. The second plate allows a simple On/Off selection.


The ECO-Logic controls allowed prison management to control room lighting from separate remote switches and also from ECO-Logic computer monitoring systems.


Wheatfield has roof space services that serve three floors of cell accommodation.  In order to manage potential water pressure problems and reduce duct space fittings, the new patented ECO Pipetank 250 was installed into the roof space.  Each Pipetank serves three WCs, one on each floor below.  This provided a single source of water, without using cisterns behind each WC, simplifying installation and reducing costs.


Each WC has a One Touch flush control, linked to the MC12M Controller and an ECO 35P Solenoid Valve.  The anti-ligature ECO-WC-AL polymer WC pan was specified and the taller ECO-DISWC-AL for the Disabled Cells.


The ECO Pipetank 250 can refill quickly using two integral fill float valves ideal for multiple accommodation buildings.  Additionally, each ECO Pipetank has an internal overflow system.  At Wheatfield, this design reduced WC waste fittings, as all the ECO Pipetanks were in the roof services areas and linked to a single common overflow system.


The cells have ECO-BS-AL anti-ligature polymer basins securely rear-bolted to walls from the duct areas. Solid-state Touch Sensors for hot and cold water are mounted onto plates that are secured by rear mounted brackets onto the basin upstand.   ECO VPBS21-AL anti-ligature outlets complete the package.


The MC12M Controller delivers timed water flow, with safe hot water temperature ensured by Thermostatic Mixing Valves in the ducts.


The Showers were fitted with ECO Touch Sensor Discs and ECO VPS11-AL anti-ligature shower heads.  ECO-Logic also supplied Bathfill controls and non-secure basin controls for other areas of the prison.


An ECO-Logic BMS System was specified complete with specialist software developed specifically for secure hospitals and custody buildings.  The network used Ethernet and Canbus formats linked to MC12ML Dual Cell Controllers throughout the Prison.


A computer was provided for each wing located in the CLASS Offices (5No).  All the computers were interlinked with a further computer at the Gate House through a central hub. This ensures complete prison control from any computer, with security formats for individual priority input.


Management Control is provided via the computers for each individual cell and global control for all cells.  This includes basin, shower and WC operating times, cell lockouts for power, lighting and water, timed lockout resets and chlorination.

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