The prison cells were refurbished with ECO-Logic electronic sensors for basin, shower and WC flushing.  The unusual aspect of the installation was that the WC flush valves had to be flushed with sea water.


WC Flushing

ECO-Logic UK Technical Director Dudley Moore worked with our solenoid valve suppliers and subsequently developed a valve ideal for the prison and other sea water applications.


The valve mechanism is largely the same as the established ECO35P Valve, however, it is made with stainless steel components. The design allows for a short potable water cleaning flush after use, to rid the valve of harmful sea water residues.


The full WC specification included ECO Pipetanks, ECO-WC-AL secure anti-ligature WC Pans and solid-state ECO Touch Sensor Discs.


Basins and Showers

ECO-Logic MC4 Controllers were connected to ECO Touch Sensor Plates secured onto ECO Secure Basins, and ECO Touch Sensor Discs for the showers.  The shower heads were the anti-ligature ECO VPS11-AL design. The system was powered by ECOTrans 230v/6vDC Transformers, which have integral automatic battery backup should mains power fail.


Multi-Lockout Plate for the Showers

The management wanted an independent multi-lockout plate facility that would enable them to control individual showers from a central point. ECO-Logic designed a nine sensor plate (ECO-LOK9) which included a shutdown facility for the disabled showers.  The software development was undertaken by ECO-Logic Engineers.


Additional ECO-Logic systems were specified for the changing facilities at Eastern Beach, Gibralter.

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