Product Announcement

31 Mar 2009

Ongoing development of user controlled temperature adjustment products alongside new ECO Modular Controller and BMS technology see ECO-Logic unveil two electronic controllers for safe bathing. • ECO Super Range for Showering • ECO Superior Range for Bathfilling The ECO Super-9TS incorporates electronically sensed thermostatic temperature adjustment using three ECO Touch Sensors and motorised Thermostatic Mixing Valves. One sensor increases the temperature, another decreases the temperature, the third sensor provides an on/off function. Options for digital temperature display, temperature movement indicators and anti-ligature designs are also available. The Shower is supplied with an ECO Plumbing Panel which connects the outlet with valves, isolation fittings, flow restrictors and temperature controls. They are supplied pre-tested and provide simple connection and reduced installation costs; and easier maintenance due to the easy access points. The ECO Superior-8TS operates in a similar way, but it is designed for bathfilling and can include different bathfill level settings and anti-ligature features. These two new products bring user controller bathing within the scope of installations requiring safe and secure bathing. Linked with an ECO Building Management System (BMS) safety monitoring is also possible