ECO-Logic UK Announce Additions to ECO Compact Thermostatic Controller Range

30 Jan 2008

The ECO-Logic Compact range with its robust concealed fixing and anti-ligature fittings allows establishments to offer the user a degree of hand operated temperature choice whilst meeting strict safety and security requirements. Due to its ergonomic design it is also ideal for installation into offsite modular assemblies and en-suite bathrooms where space is at a premium. The Compact range combines quality thermostatic temperature adjustment with state-of-the-art digital electronic touch control for pre-timed flow operation. The integral Thermostatic Mixing Valve is supplied with 15mm or 22mm connections and satisfies DO8 NHS requirements. The secure sensor plate can house up to three robust Touch Sensors providing fixed or flexible run times, an autostop preset by management and optional anti-tamper and lockout facilities. The handwheel now includes anti-vandal, anti-ligature designs and an easy-to-use stub lever grip option. The Compact Range options offers: • Hand operated temperature adjustment • Extensive run time choices with auto-stop • Anti-tamper cut outs & restart delays • Remote lockouts