Mental Health Hospital, Birmingham

30 Apr 2009

Birmingham’s new mental health hospital is fitted out with the new ECO-Logic Modular Controller for accommodation and bathrooms. Connected to the ECO-Logic Building Management System, each block of rooms has its own computer controlled system and has links to a central control point if required. The ECO-Logic BMS provides the nursing stations with a remotely controlled system that can monitor and adjust all the sanitary controls in each bathroom. Developed to work alongside the new ECO MC12 Modular Controllers, this unique system provides the hospital with totally safe and controlled accommodation. The hospital also specified the new electronic ECO Superior-8 Bathfill and Super-9TS-AL Shower Controllers that allows patients to adjust temperatures within safe, management controlled limits. The shower and bath fittings were supplied pre-assembled on ECO Plumbing Panels, which provided simpler, cost and time saving installation that also included the hot and cold feeds to the basins. These units were assembled offsite and have proved ideal for factory built modular constructions methods. The installation was commissioned by the ECO-Logic Technical Services Team. The BMS system network incorporated specialist software designed by ECO-Logic for complete sanitaryware control, power and lighting. For more information see Case Study.